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My blog is currently under going changes.  I have been very busy getting books published.  Currently published books are listed in the sidebar.  As books are published, free content will be removed from the site, as I restructure it.  My writing schedule has slowed down, while I prepare manuscripts for publication. Once everything is organized, then I shall be posting more new stories.

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Author/Book Review: The Demon Chronicles Apple Moonshine by Kimberly Bowers


This book I found to be more interesting than the story, or the stories contained with it.  Is not a book as meaning a novel by any fashion but a collection of the authors short stories, that range from 3rd person to 1st person, and do not hold any consistent theme that I found detectable.  Beyond the first story the remaining stories in the edition are at best flash fiction length, and did not grab me in any fashion beyond wondering how this author ever found print.  I have not given a negative review yet, but I will continue to avoid giving one other than to say don’t waste your money.

What I did discover is that an ebook is basically any length, and almost anybody can write almost anything and market it.

Author/Book Review: Cities of the Dead, Death takes a holiday by William Young


I found this book to very enlightening as I found it on kindle, and discovered that the book is actually a short story, about 12 pages long in length.  It is another Zombie fictional, like the vampire craze the zombie is has also been experiencing a revival sense the release of the walking dead.  I personal did not find anything special about the story, but did enjoy the writers style, and the concept in his notes about releasing a new story though not in particular order.  I will read another one in the series, and hope to find something that would make me want to come back to the story, or see how the author tackles another in the world he has created.  If your a zombie horror fan, than I would recommend the read.




Author/Book Review of Box of Darkness by William Scott Rose


Another Indy I recently read the other after noon.  I found Rose’s writing style interesting, Box of Darkness is a collection of shorty stories, most of the stories are written in first person.  The story I personally enjoyed the most was.  Dear Mother, a short story not in the typical format.  I found the authors approach to using a different  and new format interesting, and refreshing.  If your looking for an edition of short stories to entertain you, Box of Darkness can not do you wrong.

Author/Book Review


I have decided to start doing some reading again beyond just text books, and stuff on the web.  As a writer it is important to read other’s works of fiction.

I recently read,

Sips of Blood by Mary Ann Mitchell

It was a interesting read, she does a retelling of the Count Marquis de Sade, as what else, a vampire. Personally I have found the whole vampire scene over rated in fictional media, books, shows, and movies….thus the reason I wrote Dracula.

However I did enjoy the authors style of story telling, and twisting the legends of de Sade with vampires.  I would recommend it if your in to the vampire fad or a fan of the Marquis.


Great Review of Flash Stories & The Summoning


As any good admin does he or she backtracks traffic occasionally to see where it comes from.  I decided to trace some traffic to its source and came upon this great review of Flash Stories & The Summoning, a short flash fiction horror story.  To my surprise the Blog’s Author had re-posted The Summoning on her blog with a fine review:

“I just started following this blog – FLASHSTORIES BY ROG ARCHER, and am having a hard time tearing myself away to get anything else done! “SPECULATIVE FLASH FICTION & SHORT STORIES FROM THE MIND OF A GENIUS.” I especially like this story – ‘THE SUMMONING'”

The best way I can thank this blog’s author is suggest you please visit, like, and follow the blog of Shadowgirl. at

Cthulhu: It had to be done


As I sit and create tales of pulp characters I have either researched or created myself there is one that haunts me from the back of my mind calling to me from the endless
abyss that is the primordial self.


I decided to put myself to a test, and unleash my muse on a legend among early pulp fiction. H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and see what I could come up with myself invoking the Legend.  I put fingertips to keys and let the old ones take me where they may

Readers please enjoy the story.  I should have it posted later today.